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401k Plans

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Our firm offers complementary analysis on company retirement plans where our clients are employed. In many cases, we have found that we can significantly reduce the overall fees for your plan while also ensuring your plan offers top notch investment options. Additionally, the Department of Labor suggests that each 401k plan should be evaluated annually to ensure the fees, investments, and plan design are remaining competitive.

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Your 401k plan is a critical component of your overall retirement savings strategy. Not only is it important to ensure that your plan is optimized to help you achieve your retirement goals but in addition, with the current economic conditions and changing regulations it is imperative to periodically review the 401k structure to ensure that it continues to meet your needs and objectives.

Client Centered

To conduct a thorough analysis of your 401k plan, we would need to review the investment options and 408b2 Fee Disclosure that can be found on your current providers website or by contacting the administrator at your company who manages the plan. We would also assess the plan's design and evaluate its ability to provide adequate retirement income. Based on our findings, we can provide you and the plan administrator a detailed report that outlines our recommendations for potentially improving the plan and enhancing retirement readiness for all employees at your company.